Orchestrate vision and execution

Achieve clarity and focus on adding value with product iterations.

Objectives + Key Results (OKRs)

Set qualitative goals (objectives) and quantifiable metrics (key results) to track progress. Prioritize work and focus towards quintessential initiatives based on data.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Align product performance with OKRs to measure contributions towards overall success, such as uptime, error rates, user engagement, conversion rates and much more.

Product Metrics

Establish a central metric (North Star metric) that reflects the core value of a product and direct full attention towards optimizing such metric. Provide a clear focus and priority.

Opportunity Hypothesis

Discover needs and propose feature(s) to accommodate such needs. Validate hypotheses to determine practicality and align efforts on value creation.

“Product management is a balancing act of customer needs, market demands and business requirements.”


Set priorities based on data to determine improvements and iterations.

01 /


Establish a North Star metric and supplementary product metrics to measure product performance. Recalibrate tools + analytics to track relevant data points.

02 /


Collect performance data to identify trends and anomalies. Draw insights from product findings to understand user behavior and discover needs or frustrations.

03 /


Conceive opportunity hypotheses to improve or iterate based on insights. Consider tradeoffs between value and cost to determine practicality.

04 /


Conduct interviews, A/B testing and simple MVPs to assess demand and validate opportunity hypotheses. Set prioritization and incorporate within product roadmap.

Explore the product development cycle

— A

Define product scope and roadmap through problem identification, market research, and critical analysis.

— B

Establish a design system and map out every product scenario to visualize an effective, strategic UX.

— C

Develop enterprise-grade software with clean, efficient code and scalable infrastructure that sets the foundation for future iterations.