Certified Expertise —Fields of Specialty

React Native

React Native is a powerful framework used for building cross-platform applications. This is a robust, agile, and cost-effective option for developing applications for iOS and Android platforms using one codebase.

— Extensive experience with writing bridges to connect native modules with JavaScript

— Redux for state management and Redux-Sagas for async side effects

— Declarative UI paradigm to manipulate native views directly

iOS Native

iOS native is a set of pre-built software libraries and tools provided by Apple for developing applications for the iOS operating system. This is the preferred choice to create native, performant software tailored to Apple’s ecosystem.

— Extensive experience with Objective-C and Swift

— MVVM-C design pattern for product architecture

— RxSwift and Combine frameworks to carry out complex operations

Android Native

Android native comprises a collection of software components and APIs provided by Google for developing applications for the Android operating system. This is the preferred choice to create exceptional platform-specific applications within Android’s rich ecosystem.

— Extensive experience with Java and KotlinTypography

— MVVM design pattern for product architecture

— RxJava and Flow frameworks for complex operations

— Coroutines for writing asynchronous code

Paradigm of Mobile Development

Pixel-Perfect Design Implementation

In-depth UX research and writing combined with intelligent interaction, visual and UI design are integral to exceptional software products. Precise engineering supported by rigorous QA materializes design efforts into tangible results.

Continuous Integration + Deployment (CI/CD)

CI/CD automates code integration and testing to produce a more stable, reliable software product. This practice also automates deployment to accelerate development cycles for advanced feature and update release.

Reactive Programming

React to data changes in real-time to provide responsive UI that produces superior UX. This practice also simplifies asynchronous code for effective maintenance and integrates streaming data for advanced scalability.

Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and Google Material guidelines

Develop reusable and performant UI components that align with Apple HIG and Google Material guidelines for enhanced speed and consistency in frontend development. This practice is studied and proven to provide accessibility and superior UX.


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