Achieve product-market fit

Adapt ideas into clear product scope with performant features that produce value.

User Personas + Stories

Emulate specific user groups to understand characteristics and behavior and align development with user preferences. Construct concise narratives about these personas and their interaction with the software product to understand the feature set necessary to accommodate such needs.

Features List + Product Roadmap

Enumerate features and intended functionality with priority assignment to strategize execution. Establish a roadmap to identify MVP scope and future iterations to align with cost, fundraising and sales.

Application Map

Map out product flows and requirements to understand the specific content within and relationship between features. Establish product composition to determine starting point and scenarios within each flow.

Technical Architecture

Define modules, databases, languages, frameworks, and technologies for the performance, scalability, and maintainability of the software product. Prioritize the efficient processing, storage and retrieval of information that adheres to data security and privacy requirements.

“Create value through a detailed process of discovery, definition and iteration to create the best possible foundation critical for success of the software product.”


Position for product-market fit with an in-depth product scope to be completed within 4-8 weeks.

01 /


— Kickoff

— User Personas

— User Stories

— Competitor Analysis

— Technical Evaluation

02 /


— User Journey

— User Flow

03 /


— Application Map

— Technical Architecture

04 /


— Product Scope

— Product Roadmap

— Budget Estimation

Explore the product development cycle

— A

Establish a design system and map out every product scenario to visualize an effective, strategic UX.

— B

Develop enterprise-grade software with clean, efficient code and scalable infrastructure that sets the foundation for future iterations.

— C

Optimize product strategy based upon data-driven decisions via performance analytics and feedback collection.

— A

Define product scope and roadmap through problem identification, market research, and critical analysis.